11am - 9pm or 'til cashews run out

OPEN Monday thru Saturday


Appetizers & Salads

Calzones & Grinders

Lunch & Weekly Specials

Noodle - Up any MasterPizzas or create your own. Click here

We want to celebrate your birthday with a free 10" pizza of your choice. Click here to sign-up for our Birthday Club!

Beer & Wine

Over 40 beer to choose from - An amazing selection

Our History


Once upon a time...

A French woman, by the name of Flavie (Flaw-Vee), walked into the small town of Reeds Spring and had a vision. Digging deep from within her French heritage, ........


Music & Events

A unique place located in historic downtown Reeds Spring, Missouri



Check out our schedule ...........


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We can't wait for you to try our Pizzas



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